DANG001- Illusions

by Adam Arthur

Adam Arthur has long been the brains and brawn of the Tennessee Techno scene, coordinating parties and running a serious sound system. Now he steps out of the shadows to launch his own vinyl label, Danger Close, with three slices of risky Analogue Magick recorded at his HQ 90 miles west of Memphis. "Illusions" on the A side is a long spiraling snake charmer, designed to seduce a dance floor past the point of no return with lacerating acid. "Sounds Detroit," and "Void" on the B side invoke the spirit of those desiccated warehouses of the American Mid-West where Technology merged with Mysticism. Amen. 

dang_002 Front A side.jpg



A second utterance emerges from the tomb of DJ ICE TITS! Who was this ancient priest of Memphis whose sarcophagus lies entombed within the Metaphasic Pyramid, inscribed with the Analogue Hieroglyph? These five recently discovered FM transmissions from the underworld, entitled "Songs about Myrtle Avenue," may contain the key to this mystery.



by Companion

Regiment is an album that took years to write and record. Some of the lines were written around mid-2016 without any accompanying music and were forgotten until the beginning of 2018. Most of the songs started off as 3-5 minute acoustic songs with recycled lines and new lines added in mid-2018 to make the songs a bit more coherent. Drones were being written around the time the 3rd song, "In Cold Blood," was completed, and most of the songs became 8-10 minutes long after the initial bulk of recording in mid 2018 was finished. The main theme of the album is about Isolation and detachment of a character from reality through various means. Each song is an attempt to build on that theme sonically and results in the dark tone of the album taking center. 

After a set of traumatic events, a man makes his way across the U.S. in search of a purpose. He stops at a small isolated town in the midwest where the past catches up with him. Recollection causes him to lose his state of being and drives him to become volatile and result in the events that will change him and the town for years to come.